All they had to do was catch him. At first, it was just another case, just another serial killer to stop. They had done it countless times before; this time shouldn’t have been any different, but soon days turned into weeks. Desperation set in, and the victims started getting younger. What were they missing? Why couldn’t they save the victims? They would have given their own lives to stop the monster, to finally put an end to his killing spree. In the end, they almost succeeded. But then, eight months ago, everything went wrong. From the aftermath of one monster, a new one is born; a killer more lethal than they could have possibly imagined, like something ripped straight out of their worst nightmares. With it comes a new potential victim struggling with the skeletons in her own closet and the guilt of past mistakes. The longer she waits for the new monster to find her, to kill her, the more she questions if, deep down, she wants him to. The desperate hunt for a serial killer, an ex-soldier losing his grip on reality, and a victim who’s not sure she’s worth saving come together as past and present intertwine, in this explosive psychological thriller that begs the question: Can you stop a monster without becoming one?

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